Superhero Party

Make your Child’s Birthday Fun!
Invite their favourite superhero to come to the party and bring excitement to the children 

The Superhero Party Includes

Face Painting / Tattoos

The party starts with Face painting. We use stencils which is a great way to avoid long queues and still get a wonderful design. Temporarily tattoos are also available and suggested for big number of children.

Party Games

The party continues with some of the most popular children’s games – Musical statues, Limbo, Stuck in the Mud, What animals do… games vary as no group of children is the same: The entertainer estimates the group and carries the most appropriate games for the group.

Parachute Games

The Parachute is great fun for children and bring loads of laughter and smiles. We play: Sharks, Roll the Ball, Balloon in the Air, etc.

Bubble Disco

There is no better way to enjoy your favourite song but dancing and popping bubbles. All ages kids love it, even the adults do. We carry a small bubble machine which allows us to control the amount of bubbles which avoids slippery floors and make the dance more enjoyable.

Magic Tricks

Magic always excites children. In the Magic show kids learn the secret magic words and help the entertainers complete their task. Loads of smiles, shouting, and laughter is involved in the Magic show. It is a favourite activity for the parents too.

Balloon Animals

The kids loves playing with balloons. They get a colourful balloon animal of their choice that they can take home or play with it during the party. Children can choose from dogs, cats, giraffes, elephants and much more. Although, swords, guns, flowers, cars are not animals we still twist them.  If you have a large number of children the options of the balloon animals may need to be limited (to either a sword, dog or giraffe for example).

Birthday Award Certificate for the Birthday Child

The birthday child receives a certificate for being so cool on their birthday.